Indoor and outdoor SMD and DIP solutions with a range of options including:

• different brightness levels
• panel sizes
• weights
• depths
• viewing angles

We have a wide variety of solutions with different components to fit every budget and application.
Like our lightweight, magnetic ADV panels, available in various resolutions.




High resolution:

2.5mm -9mm – SMD

Mid resolution:

10-18mm – SMD and DIP

Low resolution:

20mm and beyond – SMD and DIP


Our line of Creative and Architectural offerings include:

• Strips
• Tubes
• Pixels
• Strings
• Globes
• 3D
• Chandeliers
• Ribbons

LED products come in an infinite number of combinations, choices, and styles.Contact us so we can help you find the solution that is right for your application.

Exclusive Distributor of:

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